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  • fixed-price small business websites
  • WordPress content managed websites
  • websites for tablets and smartphones
  • mobile apps
  • graphic design
  • Microsoft .net, Umbraco, Joomla, WordPress

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about us

friendly, knowledgeable, lots of ideas

That’s just who we are

PerfectArc is an established and professional website and software company located in Ludlow, Shropshire and working across the UK and beyond.

In our 14 years of existence, we’ve done work for local sole traders, B&B owners, blue chip household names in broadcasting and banking and everything in between.

There are 4 of us in the company and our style is mature, approachable, adaptable, and friendly.


The reason behind our good reputation and client base –
we like our clients and they like us.


We still work for our first ever client from way back in 1999. Staying in touch comes naturally and we think that says something about us.

We enjoy what we do

It shows in the process and in the results. Our clients say nice things about us which is great, because word of mouth is the best recommendation.


want something different to make you stand out?

It’s all about the website

We offer a range of services for smaller and start-up businesses, but whatever stage your business is at, we can help. We offer creative input and ideas to show you at your best online and, if you need help with branding and design in an offline world, we can do those too.

We also have a strong technical programming capability which allows us to go deeper when required, including open source, company intranets, responsive websites and native mobile apps.

Fixed Price Websites

Website hosting and domain names

Search engine and Google

Progamming and development


Social Networking and services

Data and database



mobile - it's the new wave

The world’s gone mobile

People who use tablets and smartphones:

Buy more !
Search for products and services when commuting or filling in time !
Have higher than average disposable incomes !

Have you checked your website on an iPhone? Android tablet? How does it look?
Responsive design is what people are adding to their sites right now. Showing different layouts on different devices. options
Completely separate content, using a mobile site as well as your standard ‘full-screen’ site. Native Apps which can be downloaded from Appstores.

Get in touch and we’ll talk you through your options. No sales talk, no pressure …

Wordpress Care

Who do you call!

Things change, security updates are released, new developments happen and suddenly your website needs a bit of TLC.

We offer the following maintenance services which are carried out for a small monthly fee:


you might think you don’t need a separate backup as your hosting company does all that as standard. Have you tried to restore from it? No, we thought not


the beauty of WordPress is that it’s constantly being worked on and new features released, which is great. But you can find that the updates break your plugins or your site doesn’t look quite right. We’ll sort all that out for you


worried about hacking? have us apply fixes beforehand and stop the worst from happening


you don’t want to be wondering about whether your site stays online during the times you aren’t looking at it.


what do you do if your site crashes, gets infected or a plugin is failing? We can rescue your site, clean it up and better prepare it for future use


site running slow, plug-ins not performing or images taking a long time to load. We can look under the bonnet and fine tune your site for optimum performance.

Sometimes however these regular services might not be enough.
You go to install a plugin, to update a theme or perform a particular task and you are faced with a frightening choice, any of which might break your site.

You won’t have that concern if you come to us for bespoke WordPress work
– you’re in safe hands.


why not get yourself on the list?

Who’s made it into our portfolio?

Our clients have included well-known household names so you have the reassurance of knowing that we have the skills and professionalism to succeed in the premier league.
At the same time, our small and medium sized clients are just as important to us and we’ll work with you to make sure you are delighted with what we’ve done together.

We specialise in websites for membership organisations so if you would like to know what we can do for your community, just drop us a line.

graphic design

because how you look is a serious business

Why design matters!

Anything eye-catching starts with great design, and if you need to be noticed, our design team are the ones to speak to.

Branding & identity

Books and e-book covers

Business cards and leaflets

Packaging and point of display

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business with design needs, talk to us about our design work first.

Web Rescue!

Any of these touch a nerve?

Domain name expired or ‘lost’

Site been hacked

Web company disappeared or unresponsive

Emails blocked or ‘bouncing’

Or maybe you have suddenly been told your job title includes ‘webmaster’

Get in touch with our Web Rescue team and we’ll assess your situation and help to sort you out.

Software Development

whatever you need in code

Including bespoke software or generic programming in a language to suit your needs.

For those of you in the trade, we do: front-end and back-end technology including .Net (c#, vb), SQL Server, Umbraco, Intranet, WordPress (including bespoke plugins and hard-to-implement designs), Joomla (including bespoke Components), MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python,  Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Angular, HTML5, Swift and Objective-C.

But what about this – you’re a great designer with an excellent client base and most of the time you can do everything that your client needs. But as the complexity of what’s happening on the web speeds up, designers can sometimes find themselves needing to be able to call in reliable tech resource to help them deliver.

Typical areas for this have included: advanced WordPress, Microsoft technologies, Responsive and Mobile Apps. Give us a call to discuss.