PerfectArc’s Corporate Project Credentials

PerfectArc’s software development and integration capabilities

  • As well as all the familiar WordPress, Joomla, Umbraco and other CMS website offerings you would expect us to have, we also have a much more technical and corporate back-story to tell.
  • We also offer a fully-managed multi-touch automated marketing service including telesales and postal fulfilment.  See below for more details!
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    Over the years, our team has been involved in the technical design, build and support of:
  • Several mission-critical bespoke project team-rooms for the BBC – built to short timescales this was Cloud before the term Cloud was in use!
  • Complex internal moves-management systems for Sky and a global law firm
  • Specialised online live data visualisation systems for US and UK banking giants
  • Prototype multi-skinned delivery web system for 118118
  • CMS for European arm of a US insurance corporate
  • Complex bespoke CMS for European arm of US global satellite corporate

With a track record like this and all the team members from those projects still in place, you can be confident to have a conversation with us around your requirements for:

  • Integrations of websites, in-house systems and cloud services
  • Product and App design and build
  • Advice and consultancy around specification, procurement and commissioning of bespoke software
  • Get Bigger Fish! is the name of our Marketing Automation and Qualified Sales Lead Generation  division.
    • We design, operate and optimise Multi-Touch campaigns for clients
    • Campaigns include emails, cartoons, animations and we also ‘go postal’ and can send brochures and  branded business items which keep the audience sitting up and waiting to see what you are going to send them next
    • We combine this multi-touch multi-mode campaign with an outbound call capability and lead-scoring that turns marketing leads in QUALIFIED sales leads for you  or your people to take action on
    • To find out more about Get Bigger Fish! click here and talk to Geoff

We’ll be completely upfront and impartial with the advice we give you. With the greatest of respect, keeping our excellent reputation is more important to us than the fees we might get from persuading you into an unsuitable project with us.

So, why not get in touch with us for chat today?