Ecommerce without the pain

Ecommerce is changing and so is the way customers are shopping.

One third of all ecommerce sales are now happening on mobile devices so even having an online shop is no longer enough for your business needs. On top of this, people are now shopping whenever they have time regardless of location and regardless of if they are using a desktop at work or a phone waiting for the bus.

So what does that mean for your business? You want to start an online business – you’ve got a great product which you are sure will sell.

You don’t want to sell just on ebay but there’s a bewildering number of alternative options available to you and you think you need some help setting up your shop.

Come and see us and we’ll talk it over. We can demystify online selling and give you some clarity and some options on how to take things forward.

So whether you need to know about payment options or which shopping cart system to use we can help you to choose what’s right for you.