Trying out selling online free of charge

We recently heard from Carmel at Expensive Mistakes shop in Ludlow …

… Ecwid. So far the best tip of the year. I have set up online shopping on my Facebook page for FREE!!! They are sending me a link to add it to my website. And it was easy to do. …”

Carmel had been to one of our ‘Hour of Tech’ free talks at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms where she heard our Managing Director Anna Wilde talk about using something called ECWID to try out selling online free of charge.

More and more businesses have Facebook Business Pages nowadays and it’s becoming a place where people look for and look at things that are planning to buy. The obvious next step is to allow them buy them too!

Why not install ECWID on your Facebook Business Page as Expensive Mistakes did, free of charge and test the waters yourself. If you don’t sell physical objects, you could try digital gift vouchers for whatever it is that you have. You could do bronze, silver or gold vouchers for increasing values of gift voucher.

Have a look at the way it’s done. As Carmel gets new stock in and sells items, she can substitute in her ECWID shop and it will be updated on her website and on her Facebook page automatically (note the ‘Products’ tab at the top)

If it works for you, you can pay for more products to appear or you can upgrade to something like Shopify which is a fully-fledged e-commerce platform where you pay monthly