WordPress Care

Things change, security updates are released, new developments happen and suddenly your website needs a bit of TLC.

We offer the following maintenance services which are carried out for a small monthly fee:


you might think you don’t need a separate backup as your hosting company does all that as standard. Have you tried to restore from it? No, we thought not


site running slow, plug-ins not performing or images taking a long time to load. We can look under the bonnet and fine tune your site for optimum performance.


you don’t want to be wondering about whether your site stays online during the times you aren’t looking at it.


worried about hacking? have us apply fixes beforehand and stop the worst from happening


what do you do if your site crashes, gets infected or a plugin is failing? We can rescue your site, clean it up and better prepare it for future use


the beauty of WordPress is that it’s constantly being worked on and new features released, which is great. But you can find that the updates break your plugins or your site doesn’t look quite right. We’ll sort all that out for you

Sometimes however these regular services might not be enough. You go to install a plugin, to update a theme or perform a particular task and you are faced with a frightening choice, any of which might break your site.

You won’t have that concern if you come to us for bespoke WordPress work – you’re in safe hands.